Sunday, October 27, 2013

Symmetry Lessons

4th and 5th grades:  Radial Symmetry

Intro:  Students will watch a video on mandalas which have radial symmetry.

Students will create a radial symmetry project that glows under a black light. 

2nd and 3rd Grades:  Students will learn about bilateral symmetry. They will draw the other half of their own faces.  

1.  Watch video that demonstrates Symmetry.

K and First Grades:  Students will learn about symmetry. 

1.  Listen to A Pair Of Socks, by Stuart J. Kelley. 

2. Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch

2.  Students will design a symmetrical pair of socks. 
  • Pre trace a sock lightly with pencil on one side of a white paper.  The students use paint dabbers to trace the sock and then fold to make a symmetrical print.  

Other ideas:
leaf symmetry

Notan art

Sub Plans

Students listen to the story Monster Mischief.  
Play the monster drawing game. 
    Play once together as a class, then divide students into groups of 4 toplay on their own. 

Angry Birds drawing game. 
Play once together as a class, then divide students into groups of 4 to play on their own. 
Then give them the WackybBirds how to draw page and they add more birds to their tree. 


All grade sub plan:

Have students make random dots. 
Connect the dots. 
Use your imagination to create pictures from the connected dots. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013



K and 1st:  
1.  Students will first practice making various types of lines with a piece of yarn.  I will model and they will copy a straight line, a wavy line, a circle line, a zig zag line etc. 

2.  Students will choose shapes to glue down across their page.  They may choose to make a pattern. They will use crayons to practice circles, waves, and curves.  See examples below.  

3.  If they have extra time they may create more lines and shapes with the yarn.  

2nd Grade
1.  Listen to A Line and a Dot Went For a Walk. Students will practice making lines as the story is read.

2.  Students will now use oil pastels on black construction paper to create lines of their choice starting at the bottom left corner.  They will then glue a picture of them self blowing to the corner. 

3rd and 4th Grade:  Students will learn about various types of lines and create a crazy hair day picture.

1.  Listen to the story Crazy Hair Day.
     If time also listen to the Crazy Hair Day Song:
2.  Students will use markers to draw crazy hair with various type of lines.  If they want they can make it upside down to create a beard. 

5th Grade: Students will explore various types of lines and learn to draw a dragon ( our school mascot).
1.  Model how to draw a dragon.  Trace with marker.  Cut out. Set aside. 
2.  Draw various types of lines with glue across the paper.  Sprinkle salt on the glue. Shake extra salt off.  Next use a paint brush to drop on watered down tempera paint on to the salt. 
3.  Glue dragon to corner (possibly wait till glue lines dry to glue down dragon). 

Extra time:  Play dragon video.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October Seasonal Art

K  and 1st Grade:  Make Paint Chip Monsters
1.  Watch online story, "Inside a House that is Haunted." or My Monster Mama Loves Me So  (My Monster Mama Loves Me So)

2.  Use construction paper, wiggly eyes, and paint chips to construct monsters.

2nd Grade:  Make Paint Chip Minions
1.  Watch Minion Movies for inspiration

2. Use construction paper, wiggly eyes, and yellow paint chips to create minions in disguise.

3rd Grade:  Create Paint Chip Frankensteins
1.  Create the face by cutting construction paper and gluing it.  
2.  Draw the body on black construction paper with oil pastels.

4th and 5th Grades:  Create Candy Corn in Costumes
1.  Trace pattern 4 times.
2.  Draw lines to create candy corn effect.
3.  Draw the costume on each one.
4.  Color in the candy corns.