Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turkey Glyph and Landscapes

K2nd Grade

In the computer lab students use MS Paint to draw a turkey using a glyph key as a guide. In art they draw the landscapes and add the turkey  

Roll a Shape


Use shape dice to roll a shape. Draw the shapes in random places with a bingo marker. Have students connect the corners of the shapes to create abstract shapes between the shapes.  Color with crayon. 

3D Space Invaders

4th and 5th grades

Focus on one point perspective. Draw on lines on graph paper. Use a ruler to make lines to a point outside of the picture. 

Fall Inchies

5th grade

Set up stations and at each station students create one square for the project. This took two weeks. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Swartz Creek Dragons

K-2 Learn how to draw a dragon.  Paint red (our school color). Good lesson to do during homecoming week. 


K-2 Lesson on feelings

Read students, "How are you Peeling."
Have students draw 4 faces showing different moods.  color with watercolor pencil and add water to paint. 

Vincent Van Gogh

Second grade:

Read Camile and the Sunflowers. Student draw and paint Vincent Vangogh's sunflowers.

K-2 Starry Night

Read biography book on Vincent Van Gogh.  
Video on Vincent Van Gogh:
While kids are working pull 2 kids at a time to do the Starry Night interactive app on the iPads.  

Create Starry Night with oil pastels and paint over with blue tempera cakes. 

Create a Spooky Starry Night. 
Use oil pastels, paint over with blue tempera, cut out spooky shapes to add. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Lines that Wiggle


Listen to the story:  Lines that Wiggle

Students will draw a line the "Wiggles"  Glue a frame to a section and color in only that section.

See example of art project at the following link:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Primary Colors

Primary Colors

1.  Watch the Primary Color video:

2.  Click here to view Primary Popsicle lesson:

3.  Students will use primary colors to paint popsicles.  Divide a paper into three sections.  Paint one red, one yellow, one blue.  Collect to dry.

4.  Mix the primary colors to make secondary colors.  Use these to paint patterens on a paper divided into three sections.  Paint one with green patterns, one with orange patterns, and one with  purple patterns.

5.  Next week cut out the popsicles and glue to the pattern paper.  Add a wooden popsicle stick.