Monday, January 6, 2014


3rd-5th Grades
Students will create a watercolor painting from a QR code that links to either a story, poem or informational paragraph about the subject in their painting.

Part 1
In the art room:

1.  Show students example QR code art pieces.  Have them use the iPad Scan app to scan the QR code on each example to see how it links them to a story, poem, or informational paragraph about the art.

2.  Give students a sheet of squares to brainstorm ideas for their art project.  Have them draw ideas on each square and then choose one that they would like to use for their project.

3.  On large construction paper students trace the sample QR squares and create their picture using pencil, crayon, and watercolor.

Part 2
In the computer lab

Students write a poem, story, or informational paragraph about their art in Word.  Print.

Part 3
In art room, using the iPads, students will create a voice recording of their literature created.

Part 4
In computer lab:
Students will create the QR code linking the code to the recording they made on the iPad
Save the code and then put in on this form to print for art project.
Code is on my Student Links page.  Go to this web page, and click on "QR Code Form for QR Code Art." It will open in Word.  Kids insert their saved QR codes and then print.

Glue the QR codes to the art projects.

Let kids use the scan app to scan all the QR codes on all the projects.

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